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General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the travel services provided by AS Baltic Tours, registry code 10069352, address Jõe 5, 10151 Tallinn, tel. +372 6 300 410, email available on travel agencies and on the website www.baltictours.ee. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions below before using travel information and ordering service. These terms and conditions also include references to additional terms and conditions for individual travel services.

1. Terms and conditions of travel services
Baltic Tours is an authorized reseller or the ticket sales agent of travel services offered by various travel service providers. The task of Baltic Tours is to provide adequate information on travel services, book, and sales of travel services. When booking a travel service, the customer/consumer signs a contract with the travel service provider. Travel service providers (including tour operators, transport and accommodation companies) have established travel conditions for the sale, use, modification, cancellation of services, liability, etc., and published them in their catalog, on the Internet or on a ticket. The contract between the customer/consumer and the travel service provider consists of the above terms and conditions. Please be sure to read these terms and conditions thoroughly, as you are obliged to follow and comply with these terms and conditions when booking and purchasing Travel Services.

The customer is a natural or legal person who submits or has submitted an order to Baltic Tours. The consumer is hereinafter also referred to as the customer.

A consumer is a natural person who submits or has submitted an order to Baltic Tours that is not related to conducting independent economic or professional activities. The consumer is hereinafter also referred to as the customer. 

A passenger is a natural person who uses a travel service under the contract.

When ordering travel services, please inform us of any special needs related to the passenger's wishes or other circumstances that are of importance to the passenger or are of importance for the provision of travel services. Baltic Tours and the travel service provider is not responsible for compensation for damages arising from the failure to comply with the information obligation.

2. Travel documents, visas, health requirements
When selling a travel service, Baltic Tours assumes that all travelers, including children, have proper travel documents (visa, passport, identity card, vaccination certificate) for both the country of destination and transit countries. Nationals of different countries may also have different requirements for visas and travel documents. We ask you to always check the relevant information from the embassies of the country of destination or transit countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Citizenship and Migration Board. It is also important to check the validity of travel documents and compliance with the required conditions. It is the exclusive competence of each country to decide whether or not to allow a passenger to enter the country, even if the passenger has all the proper documents for entry to the country. Estonian citizens receive more detailed information on travel documents and the conditions for entering foreign countries on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at http://www.vm.ee. At the request of the customers, Baltic Tours will assist them by consultation, as well as by delivery of the application form and accompanying documents prepared by the customer to the embassy of the desired country and back.

Travel service providers and Baltic Tours shall not be liable if the trip is interrupted or canceled due to the absence of a travel document or the action of the state authority. At your request, Baltic Tours can specify the requirements for travel documents, vaccinations, and customs rules, but does not take responsibility for the continued validity of these requirements.

When making travel plans, we kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the health protection requirements of destination or transit countries, especially when traveling to more distant and exotic countries. In some cases, you must start the vaccination course early enough to enter the country. Information on risk areas and vaccination recommendations for infectious diseases can be found on the website www.vaktsineeri.ee

3. Mediation of travel services
Baltic Tours introduces the conditions established by the travel service provider and the options of purchasing travel services offered, incl. conditions for booking, use, payment, modification, cancellation thereof, etc.

Purchase options, incl., the prices and availability of destinations are constantly changing as it depends on demand and supply. The earlier you send us your purchase request along with the necessary information (passenger names, birthdays, journeys, dates, and other desired services) to complete the booking, the more likely it is to obtain the seats for you on the terms applicable at the time of presentation of the purchase options. The longer the period between the presentation of the purchase options and the communication of the purchase request, the more likely it is that the prices or availability of seats will change.

The presentation of purchasing options by Baltic Tours is understood as a proposal to place an order. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, the submitted order will become a confirmed order, i.e., a binding agreement, after confirmation by Baltic Tours and payment by the customer or making of the advance payment. By partial or full payment of the fee, the customer irrevocably confirms his/her wish to purchase and agrees to the general terms and conditions of travel services and the terms of sale established by the travel service provider or by travel contract. The customer is aware and agrees to enter into a contract with the travel service provider to use the travel service.

If the customer does not pay the prepayment or price of travel services on time, Baltic Tours is entitled to cancel the travel service unilaterally. Baltic Tours will issue tickets or other documents authorizing the use of the travel service upon payment of the travel service. Upon payment by bank transfer, the receipt must be made on the day preceding the issue of the documents authorizing the use of the travel service.

The possibilities to change the confirmed orders are limited. In the case of travel services with a cheaper price class, as a rule, there is no possibility to change; in the case of more expensive travel services, the change is possible, but for an additional cost. In case the customer wishes to change the confirmed order, he/she must notify Baltic Tours thereof in writing. If there are any possibilities available for changing, we will send you the conditions for changing the confirmed order. Changing the confirmed order involves the obligation to pay all costs related to the change, including possible cancellation penalties as well as additional service fees and other costs.
If you would like to ensure that the confirmed order change option is guaranteed in any case, please let us know when communicating your purchase request. In this case, Baltic Tours offers travel services with the possibilities of change.

Reservations via website
When purchasing travel service from the website www.baltictours.ee, navigate on the page according to the instructions. By clicking on the links found in the online environment, you can read the terms and conditions. Please pay special attention to the terms of the services you book. 

Please be advised that double bookings for the same services are prohibited. In this case, both the travel service provider and Baltic Tours may cancel all bookings made by the customer/traveler.

As there may be technical errors in the airline ticket reservation system, Baltic Tours reserves itself the right to check all bookings made on the website. A booking made on the website for an airline ticket booking system is deemed to have been made if Baltic Tours has verified it and sent a confirmation and invoice to the customer's email address. Conversely, if a booking error occurs, Baltic Tours has the right to cancel the booking. In this case, Baltic Tours will contact the customer to make a new booking.

3.1 Travel confirmations and information
Please note that travel services are provided outside the Republic of Estonia, including by foreign travel service providers. Therefore, the information to be delivered is partly in a foreign language including English, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and/or Swedish. With limited capabilities, the translation of all information into Estonian is not possible. We confirm that if you have any questions about the information we send, we will immediately be ready to provide inquiry-based explanations. After the order has been confirmed, the customer has only a limited opportunity to cancel the service, and it involves impossibility of performing the contract and cancellation of the contract and the obligation to reimburse the costs of cancellation of travel services in accordance with the conditions stated.

4. E-ticket
An e-ticket is a document normally sent by e-mail, and it gives the passenger the right to use the service in accordance with the conditions stated on the ticket. The conditions for e-tickets may vary by travel service provider, so please pay attention to these conditions when buying a ticket.
Upon receipt of the tickets, the customer is requested to immediately check the existence of the necessary documents, as well as the correctness of the name, date, travel description and other relevant data and their conformity with the order and documents. It is also important to check that the passenger name on the ticket matches the name provided in the travel document. Baltic Tours eliminates the defects immediately. Later elimination, modification or cancellation of the defects is not possible or is allowed for an additional fee.
Baltic Tours sends an e-ticket to the e-mail address provided by the customer. We kindly ask you to be accurate when reporting your email address and phone number and, if possible, forward it in a format that can be reproduced in writing. The inaccurate presentation of this information may, for example, result in the cancellation of the booking or the changing of the ticket price. Even if the address is correct, there may be other obstacles or interference in receiving the email. Always check if you have received your ticket in time. If there is no ticket by the agreed time, the customer must notify Baltic Tours thereof immediately. It is the customer's responsibility to inform us if the customer has not received the ticket in time.

5. Mediation of passenger transport services
Passenger transport service 
When purchasing a passenger transport service (ship, air, bus, train ticket), you enter into a contract with a passenger service provider, hereinafter referred to as the Carrier. The contract for the carriage of passengers enters into force upon the issue of a ticket or other travel document. According to the contract, the Carrier is obliged to carry out the carriage of the passenger and his/her luggage under the conditions indicated on the ticket.

Purchase of passenger transport service 
When purchasing a passenger service from a travel agency, please let us know the desired route, the times of travel, the price range, the preferred Carrier and the names of the passengers, as well as other important factors. When introducing purchasing opportunities, Baltic Tours is guided by the customer's desires as much as possible.
The carried out booking of the passenger transport service gives the customer the right to purchase the ticket at the scheduled time. However, the booking does not impose binding obligations on the customer/passenger and the Carrier and does not guarantee the availability of the passenger service with the prices and conditions stated in the booking. The Carrier has the right to unilaterally change and cancel the booking without any obligations incurring to the Carrier or Baltic Tours in front of the customer.

Discounted tickets must be purchased within a shorter period of time. The cheaper the ticket, the shorter the time required to purchase the ticket. Certain Carriers do not allow advance booking of tickets, in which case the ticket must be bought out immediately. Bookings not bought out by the due date will be canceled. When the deadline has arrived, and you still wish to buy the ticket, you need to make a new booking according to the current purchase options. Baltic Tours notifies you of the deadline for purchasing the ticket.

Conditions of use of the services 
The terms and conditions of use of the tickets and services (including the conditions for changing, cancellation) depend on the respective ticket regulations. The terms of the amendment and cancellation of the contract depend primarily on the time of the specific booking and the price class of the service (tourist/business class). As a rule, there are no possibilities available for changing, canceling or returning a passenger transport service purchased at a discount price. Unlike the business class, the economy class ticket is usually non-changeable and non-cancellable. Changing the name of the passenger is prohibited or is possible only for an additional fee. We recommend that you make any changes in due time, as the availability of the seats may change at a later time, and new prices and rules for using the service may apply.

If you change your booking on a website, please also make sure that other services booked or purchased by the customer/traveler would be modified if necessary. For example, changing airline tickets may require changes to the dates of use of accommodation or ancillary services.

Remember that the passenger has a duty to appear at the point of departure of the journey on time. If the passenger fails to appear on time for the point of departure of the journey, the Carrier may cancel both the flight for which the passenger is late and all subsequent flights.

Service in the means of transport 
Service on a ship, plane, bus, train, etc., depends on the Carrier and its service standards and service class. In certain cases, it is possible to reserve a place in advance on the plane, as well as make special requests for catering. Baltic Tours will transmit the requests to the Carrier, but the availability of such free additional services may not always be possible. Normally, an airline does not charge an additional fee for booking a seat and a special meal and does not consider it an essential condition of a transport contract. Therefore, the airline does not guarantee the availability of seats and special meals.

In the case of ship travel, the choice of possible additional services is much more abundant, and the additional services provided for the passenger are guaranteed. The availability of free additional services may not be possible. If desired, please ask for more information from your travel consultant. As you enter into a contract for the carriage of passengers with the Carrier when purchasing the ticket, please address any further complaints about the service to the Carrier.

5.1. Necessary to know when purchasing a flight ticket
Flights on a flight ticket must be used according to the order shown on the ticket and only by the person whose name is written on the ticket.

It is safer for the passenger to buy one ticket for one trip rather than to use separate tickets. If the purchase of one ticket is not possible due to the airline, it is advisable to plan the connections with a lot of spare time between flights. Given the possible delays, a minimum of 3-4 hours should be allowed between flights. The airline is responsible for the delivery of the passenger to the final destination within the limits of one transport contract (ticket). In case of missed connecting flight due to cancellation or delay of the flight, the respective airline has an obligation to offer alternative connections or refund of the ticket within the same route. In the case of separate tickets, the airline has no such obligation. Also, in the event of delays or cancellations, the airline is not responsible for the connecting flights which are on a separate ticket.

Checking in on the flight
The passenger must register for the flight (perform check-in) and appear at the gate of the departing flight on time. A passenger who is late may not be allowed on the flight. Depending on the airport and the airline, the check-in is usually completed 60 to 120 minutes before the departure of the flight. Also taking into account the time spent in queues, we ask you to arrive at the airport about 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. This time can be reduced by checking in online.

For group trips and flights outside of Europe, airlines require confirmation of the return flight at least 72 hours before the flight. If not confirmed, the airline has the right to cancel the seats booked/sold to the customer. To confirm places, the customer must call or contact the nearest representative of the airline or contact Baltic Tours.

Passenger baggage
In case of the existence of the flight ticket, the passenger has the right to carry a certain amount of check-in and hand baggage without paying any additional fee. The number, size, and weight of allowed baggage are indicated on the ticket and depends on several factors, especially on the ticket class and the airline. Smaller limits have been set for children and infants.

There are special requirements for the baggage of a special size, and this baggage is not normally included in the baggage allowance.

In the case of a connecting flight, it is generally possible to check the baggage until the final destination of the ticket, but this may not be possible every time. For this reason, we recommend that you plan time for the connecting flight with a sufficient amount of spare time so that you can claim the baggage and check it to the next airline if necessary. As a rule, it is not possible to interrupt a trip in a transit city, and in this case, the passenger will not be able to claim his/ her luggage, and the airline may charge an additional fee at its own discretion.

More valuable items (cash, jewelry, electronics, etc.) are recommended to be carried in hand luggage. However, the transportation of certain items in hand luggage is prohibited (liquids, cosmetics, flammable substances, blade devices, etc.). You can find more information here. The amount of hand luggage must be small in size and conform to the dimensions established by the airline, if necessary you can specify the dimensions with the travel consultant. Hand luggage must fit either under the front seat or in the luggage compartment on the aircraft. Hand luggage may not contain prohibited articles.

The airline is responsible for the baggage and handling of the baggage transferred into its control, but the airline's liability is limited by international conventions. Claims arising from the delay, damage to, or loss of luggage must be submitted immediately to the airline or to the insurance company with which you have the agreement.

Connecting flights and connecting times
Selling tickets with connecting flights, Baltic Tours is based on the information on minimum connecting times provided in reservation systems. Airline companies will be able to sell tickets for connecting flights if the requirement of the minimum transfer time has been fulfilled and the ticket has been sold properly when these transfer times have been respected. Leaving the minimum transfer time between two flights is possible, but it is extremely risky. Therefore, we recommend ordering tickets where the transfer time is long enough, considering possible delays and queues. However, if you have purchased separate tickets, the required minimum transfer times will not apply, and each subsequent flight will be treated as a new trip and the required time of arrival at the airport will be monitored (3 hours in advance).

When different flights are on one ticket, and one flight is delayed, the airline whose flight is delayed is responsible for the passenger's transfer. Further transport may also be carried out using other modes of transport, and there are no time limits imposed on the airline, and the airline is not obliged to compensate for the additional costs incurred. When the flights are on separate tickets, all the liability for the travel lies with the traveler.
The liability of the airline does not extend to cases when the flight is scheduled, but the passenger will still miss the connecting flight (for example, due to the selected minimum connection time and queues for security or passport control). When scheduled flights take place, it is the responsibility of the passenger to make it to the connecting flight. In order to avoid risks, we recommend, as far as possible, the choice of connections that leave a significantly longer transfer time between flights than the minimum permitted times.

Flight plan, delays, cancellations 
Please note that the departure and arrival times for the flights indicated on the ticket or travel plan may change. Due to weather conditions, technical or other reasons, flight delays or cancellations occasionally occur. If you have already bought a flight ticket and the flight is approaching, please check the flight times well in advance. We recommend that you plan your trip with sufficient spare time so that any changes to the flight departure could not damage expectations set for your travel. Passenger transport is highly dependent on a variety of conditions, and since the safety of passengers is always primary, it is not possible to avoid delays and cancellations in every situation.

In the event of delay or cancellation, the airline shall not be liable to the customer/passenger for any costs associated with the use or non-use of any third party services. Likewise, any damage caused to the delay of reaching the destination or cancellation of the flight shall not be compensated.

An airline may change its schedules and cancel flights if it is notified at least 2 weeks in advance. Due to the circumstances that an airline cannot influence, the schedules can be changed with less notice. Neither the airline nor Baltic Tours are liable for bookings not finalized in the form of tickets, nor guarantee the availability of new seats at the same price.

For a passenger with a ticket for a canceled flight, the airline offers either a refund of the ticket money or an alternative connection to the destination at no extra charge. Baltic Tours will do its best to inform the passenger about any changes to the schedule.

Protection of passenger rights
When entering the territory of the European Union or leaving the territory of the European Union, as well as using the services of the airline within the European Union, the passenger rights are protected by Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the rights of air passengers. Passenger rights are protected in particular as regards to the change of flight time, including a delay or cancellation of a flight, as well as in case the passenger is denied boarding. The full text of the Regulation is provided at https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:32004R0261.

6. Mediation of accommodation services
If you wish to purchase an accommodation service, please indicate the location and the level of accommodation establishment, the desired rooms and the time period, as well as other preferences and conditions important to the passenger/customer.  Baltic Tours books the hotel requested by the customer, in the absence thereof, Baltic Tours offers alternatives that meet the desired conditions as much as possible. 
Possible special requests such as non-smoking rooms, adjoining rooms or rooms located higher or lower will be communicated to the accommodation establishment by Baltic Tours.  Compliance with such requests is not always possible, and therefore the accommodation company does not charge for such services and does not guarantee the availability of these services.

When you purchase an accommodation service, you sign a contract with an accommodation establishment. According to the contract, the accommodation company is obliged to provide the services provided for in the contract to the passenger under the agreed conditions. However, the customer/passenger must comply with the terms and conditions of the accommodation establishment and the current rules of procedure.

In case you have already made your booking and want to extend your booking, please change your existing booking and do not make a new separate booking.

Usually, individual orders (except group reservations) of the accommodation service can be changed or canceled up to 24 hours before the date of provision of the accommodation service. Free change and cancellation are not possible for accommodation services reserved for fairs, events or public holidays. Accommodation establishments that offer accommodation in apartment-type rooms or in separate houses allow for free change or cancellation up to 30 days prior to the start date of the accommodation. Changing and canceling group bookings (generally from 15 passengers) is possible more than 30 calendar days before the start date of the accommodation. There will be additional charges for making the change. Baltic Tours informs you if the terms of the changes and cancellation are different from the latter regular ones. No additional notice or reminder will be sent to you before the cancellation date. Thus, compliance with the deadline is the responsibility of the customer/passenger. If you have canceled the service directly at the hotel, and not informed Baltic Tours thereof, but the hotel will still send Baltic Tours the invoice for the services provided or the cancellation fee, the customer is responsible for paying the sums indicated on that invoice to Baltic Tours. If the customer does not wish to consume the service and does not cancel the service on time, the customer must pay the cost of the service. The obligation to pay is not affected by whether the service was actually used or not. If part of the ordered service was used, the customer still has to pay the full cost of the service.

When arriving at the property, the passenger must be checked in. This is done by submitting the necessary documents, such as a booking confirmation or voucher and identity document, and completing the check-in form. In the accommodation establishment of most countries, the first possible check-in time is 14.00 In the United States; check-in time may be at 16.00. In case there is a plan to appear in the accommodation establishment on the day of the beginning of the accommodation after 18.00, we ask you to inform the Accommodation Company or Baltic Tours thereof in advance. Upon later arrival and failure to inform thereof, the accommodation establishment may cancel the reservation and vacate the room.

The room must be vacated on the day of departure at the latest by 12:00. There are also accommodation establishments where the room has to be vacated the latest by 10.00 on the day of departure. Please specify the latest time of departure at check-in to the accommodation establishment.

Occasionally, partial repairs are carried out at accommodation establishments. Attempts are made to minimize disturbance to customers/passengers, but this may not always be possible. Even if you have been informed about the time of the renovation work, then in cases that are not dependent on us, the repair time may change. Therefore, Baltic Tours or the accommodation establishment does not assume responsibility if the repair period is longer than originally planned. If the hotel is undergoing renovation, it does not entitle the passenger to claim compensation, refunds or price reductions. If repairs may disturb you, please inform us when placing your order. In this case, we will help you find a suitable accommodation establishment.

Due to possible cancellations immediately before the start of the accommodation, the hotels have the habit of making occasional overbooking, i.e., double book some rooms. Such overbooking can lead to situations where a passenger has a valid booking, but when they arrive, it turns out that there are double bookings and there are no vacancies. If this happens, the accommodation establishment is obliged to place the passenger in an accommodation establishment of at least the same level located in the same settlement or region.  Baltic Tours is not responsible for refunding the costs caused by overbooking performed by the accommodation establishment.

When choosing rooms, please note the following: Often three or four-person rooms (triple or quad) have one or two extra beds or two double beds respectively. Triple rooms usually have a double bed and an extra bed. In most hotels, not all beds in triple or quadruple rooms are full-size beds. If you wish an extra bed, you will usually be charged an extra fee. If you have booked a single-bed room, you may be given a room with two separate beds or vice versa. Baltic Tours will forward your wishes but will not guarantee their availability.

During fairs, public holidays and events, the prices of accommodation services are higher than normal prices. All rates are per room (with a bath or shower, unless otherwise stated) and include breakfast (unless otherwise stated) and taxes. If the children are not provided with a lower price, then the price of the adult is also charged for the child. In certain hotels, where no additional fee is charged for children, no extra bed is provided for children. If you want an extra bed for children, you must order a triple room. Children's breakfast must usually be paid for.

Any additional charges for additional services such as telecommunication services as well as energy or tourism charges must be paid directly to the accommodation establishment. Regardless of whether the order for accommodation services have been paid for, accommodation establishments may require the traveler to provide a credit card number or cash deposit before providing the service. In this way, the accommodation establishment seeks to guarantee the payment for additional services consumed. We recommend using the accommodation establishment's safety cabinet as a place to store travel documents and valuable items.  The accommodation establishment is not responsible for the safekeeping of items left in the room.

7. Mediation of package travel
Package travels mediated by Baltic Tours, and travel conditions are available at the travel agency as well as on the website www.baltictours.ee. Foreign language information is translated into Estonian at the request of the customer. 

When purchasing package travel, the customer concludes a package travel contract with the tour operator who is responsible for the proper execution of the package travel in accordance with the specifications and conditions provided in the package travel contract. Baltic Tours mediates the information shared by the tour operator regarding the description of the package travel. Before concluding a package travel contract, the customer must familiarize himself/ herself with the conditions of the package travel/package travel contract established by the tour operator.

When purchasing package travel, customers have to take into account that the timely arrival of the passenger to the starting point of the package indicated in the travel confirmation, as well as the return from the endpoint, is the responsibility of the customer/passenger. Upon the request of the customer/traveler, Baltic Tours will give him/her the opportunity to travel to the starting point of the package travel and from the endpoint to the desired destination. When choosing transport, you must take into account possible obstacles and delays, including prevailing unusual weather conditions.

8. Mediation of insurance services
Baltic Tours recommends, along with the purchase of a travel service, to conclude a travel insurance contract as the travel service does not include travel insurance. The travel service provider or Baltic Tours may not in each situation be responsible for additional costs, and therefore the conclusion of a travel insurance contract can ensure receipt of operational compensation, e.g., in case of interruption or cancellation of the trip, loss of luggage, and customer’s health disorders and/or accidents. We also recommend that you include a travel interruption insurance in the insurance contract, which for the most part compensates for the additional costs associated with the cancellation or delay of passenger transportation. Before entering into an insurance contract, please be sure to check the terms and conditions of the insurance.
9. Acting on behalf of the customer
Through Baltic Tours, it is possible to purchase various lifestyle services, tickets for various theater performances, concerts, cultural or artistic events, as well as sports or entertainment events around the world.

To purchase services, the customer must provide a corresponding purchase order in which he/she describes the services he/she wishes Baltic Tours to buy for the customer and according to the customer's instructions. By submitting an order, the customer confirms his/her final decision to purchase the services in such a way that Baltic Tours operates as a representative of the customer on behalf of the customer and at the expense of the customer when purchasing these services.  The proposed purchase order is the customer's guarantee for payment of the price of the services to Baltic Tours. Please thoroughly check the prices and terms of the respective tickets or services before submitting the purchase order, as the purchase order submitted cannot be withdrawn or canceled.

When submitting an order, please note that the availability and prices of the service provided during the presentation of the purchase options were only valid at this point and that at any later time the purchase of the services under such conditions may no longer be possible. In case the service is not available under the desired conditions, and we are unable to purchase the service, the customer will not be obliged to pay for the order.

Baltic Tours makes the tickets available to the customer in its travel agency. For an additional fee, Baltic Tours is ready to send tickets to the address requested by the customer, either by courier service or by postal services. Tickets are sent at the customer's responsibility Baltic Tours does not take responsibility for the loss of tickets after they have been handed over to the courier or the postal company.

10. Mediation of car rental services
On mediation of a car rental service, Baltic Tours performs the booking requested by the customer and hands over to the customer the respective voucher which confirms the booking and payment for the order. The customer concludes a rental contract with the car rental company before the car is delivered. When signing the contract, pay attention to the terms and conditions of the rental contract, including but not limited to the deductible, and driver registration requirements. Minimum age of 21 years is required, depending on the type of car the required age may be higher. A car can be driven by a driver registered at a car rental company upon conclusion of the contract. For registering an additional driver, an additional fee must be paid.

The car rental company provides a rental car according to an approved car group. The exact car brand is not guaranteed. When entering into a rental contract, the customer's/passenger's credit card number is requested; as a rule, it is not possible to buy a car rental service without having a credit card. In some countries, two credit cards are required for large and luxury cars.

Car rental service reservations can be traditionally changed and canceled up to 24 hours before the start date of the rental period by paying the change and/or cancellation fee set by the car rental service provider. 

11. The right of withdrawal of the consumer 
The withdrawal of travel service contracts is strictly limited to the extent that the provision of a service for a specific deadline or within a certain time limit is determined for travel services, and entering into a contract almost always involves the reservation of certain funds for which it is difficult to find a new user in the event of withdrawal.

Regardless of the form of the conclusion of the travel service contract (oral, written or electronic), travel service contracts are not subject to the consumer's right of withdrawal under the Law of Obligations Act, i.e., the right to withdraw from the contract free of charge and without giving a reason within 14 days.

In accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, there is no right of withdrawal if the travel service is provided by a certain deadline or within a certain period of time or when the conclusion of the contract involves the reservation of certain funds and the contract is concluded for provision of the following services: passenger transport service; accommodation services; use of dwelling; rental of vehicles (cars, buses, ships, etc.); catering; travel and luggage insurance or leisure service. If the aforementioned travel services are not provided by a certain deadline or the conclusion of the contract does not require the reservation of certain funds, for example, the Baltic Tours gift card sale agreement, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from a distance contract free of charge and without giving a reason within 14 days. The consumer loses his/her right of withdrawal at the moment he/she is using the gift card, including transmitting a request for the use of a gift card and receives an order confirmation of the travel service ordered on the basis of a gift card, which determines the provision of a travel service by a certain deadline or within a certain time period or otherwise booking certain funds.  The registration of the travel service with registration or use of the gift card is deemed equal to receipt of the order confirmation.

If there is a right of withdrawal when the gift card has been purchased by means of a communication device, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract by sending the standard form of exercise of the right of withdrawal to Baltic Tours to the e-mail address . The term for exercising the right of withdrawal shall start from the date of conclusion of the contract.

12. Liability
Baltic Tours has done everything in its power to ensure that the description of the mediated travel service (timetable, price, quality, visa, and other information) is true. As travel service providers reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of provision of travel services without notice, Baltic Tours as a mediator is not responsible for the damage caused by these changes. The travel service provider with whom you have concluded the contract for the travel service is responsible for the proper provision of the travel service. Baltic Tours is not responsible for the provision of travel services. Baltic Tours will not compensate the customer/traveler including but not limited to the loss of quality of service, delay of departure or arrival of the trip, interruption or cancellation of the trip, loss of luggage, health problems or accidents. Upon the request of the customer, Baltic Tours assists the customer in communication with a travel service provider.

If the passenger and/or the customer cause damage to the accommodation establishment, the transport company or another travel service provider of the property of the latter, such as the destruction of the hotel room inventory or the furnishings of the passenger bus, the customer and the passenger will be fully solitarily liable for the damage caused. The customer/passenger must compensate for the damage caused upon leaving the accommodation establishment or the means of transport.

13. Baltic Tours service charges
Baltic Tours service fees are available on the website www.baltictours.ee or in Baltic Tours travel agencies.

14. Complaints, other terms, and conditions
If you have any questions or complaints before traveling, please notify us thereof immediately. The sooner you report a potential problem, the faster and better solution can be found by Baltic Tours. If during the trip, you find that the travel service does not meet the established conditions, you must immediately inform the local travel service provider and Baltic Tours thereof. If no immediate solution is found, the incident must be reported in writing as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) days after the end of the trip, but not later than within two (2) weeks of becoming aware of the incident. A written complaint must be sent to Baltic Tours headquarters at AS Baltic Tours, Jõe 5, Tallinn 10151 or by e-mail , the notification must be accompanied by evidence of a breach of contract and supporting documents regarding additional costs and damage. Baltic Tours will forward the application to the travel service provider.

Travel service providers have in their conditions reserved the right to refuse to serve a passenger and to cancel a passenger's booking or order if the passenger's behavior is inappropriate or unlawful or if the passenger's behavior is a threat to other passengers or their property. In this case, there is no right to refunds for unused services or other compensation. If due to inappropriate or unlawful behavior, additional costs must be borne by the travel service provider or Baltic Tours, the customer/traveler is required to reimburse the costs to either the travel service provider or Baltic Tours.   

In case of non-conformity of the travel service with the confirmed order or contract, the customer/consumer has the right to rely on the remedies provided for in the Law of Obligations Act (to demand fulfillment of the obligation; to refuse to perform the obligation due, to demand compensation for damages, to withdraw from the contractor to cancel the contract, to lower the price, to request interest for delay in case of delayed performance of the financial obligation).

The parties seek to resolve disputes by negotiation. If the agreement is not reached, disputes related to the consumer will be resolved by the Consumer Complaints Board of the Consumer Protection Board. 

Traveling is an infinitely interesting and engaging activity that broadens one’s horizons. Traveling is fascinating and engaging due to the fact that the lives in other countries do not always take place in the same manner as we are used to. Traveling to distant more exotic destinations is certainly not comparable to traveling to a European country. The life in more exotic countries and traveling in these countries is very different from our contemporary understanding. Possible overcrowding, a different regime, obstacles to communication, swift and unforeseen changes in requirements, rules that can cause unexpected events during the trip make planning and organizing travel a more complex undertaking than usual.

15. Personal Data Protection Strategy 
Our corporate Data Protection Strategy (hereafter "Strategy") refers to our commitment to treat the personal data of employees, customers, stakeholders, and other interested parties with utmost care and to comply with applicable data protection standards when processing these data. With this policy, we ensure that we collect, store, and process data fairly, transparently and respect individual rights of persons. The Strategy establishes a general basis for the processing of personal data by our organization. We monitor on a daily basis that our operations are constantly being properly upgraded in terms of the law, staff awareness, and technology, keeping our hardware and software up to date. We make sure that the data subject is able to achieve as much control as possible about the processing of their data and that the relevant data subject friendly regulation is established within the company. The Strategy is specified by the Privacy Information you find on our company website here.

15. 1 Processing of personal data
By placing an order the customer/traveler/consumer gives AS Baltic Tours, registry code 10069352, address Jõe 5, 10151 Tallinn, tel. +372 6 300 410, email consent to the collection and processing of his/her personal data including, but not limited to, personal identification code or data of payment instruments for the purposes of offering and selling travel services and concluding and executing contracts. The customer/traveler/consumer agrees that the transfer of personal data to third parties, including to travel service providers and/or persons involved in the provision of travel services is permitted in the manner provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act. The customer/passenger/consumer is aware of his/her rights to be informed at any time about the personal data collected and the purpose for which they were used; to obtain the information regarding who the personal data have been transmitted to; to require correction of incorrect data; termination of data processing and deletion of data if the requirement complies with the legislation.

When booking and purchasing a flight ticket, the air carrier shall forward the booking information of the customer/passenger/consumer in accordance with the State Border Act for processing to the Police and Border Guard Board for the purpose of performing the tasks of processing, detection, and prevention of terrorist offenses and other serious crimes. The booking data will be stored at the Police and Border Guard Board for 5 years; personalized data will be stored for 2 years from the receipt of the data. As regards the transfer of booking data, passengers have all rights under the Personal Data Protection Act.

Booking data is the information about the air passenger and the air travel that the airline collects from the customer to make the reservation. Booking data shall include, in particular, information on the booking and related operations, personal data of the passenger and the persons traveling with him/her, general flight information, passenger contact details and details of the payment for the booking.

Air carriers provide passenger data of persons registered for flights between the European Union and the United States to the US authorities.

16. Conditions of use of the website www.baltictours.ee 
Baltic Tours has done its best to ensure the correctness and objectivity of the information provided on the website (travel descriptions, prices, dates). However, the information may have changed since it was entered. The fact that entering changes takes time is inevitable. The use of the website is subject to the principle of availability; the information is provided as a free service as "as is" and "as is possible." Photographs are illustrative, and Baltic Tours does not assume marketing promises with them.

Baltic Tours is not responsible for the correctness of the information provided on the website. Therefore, important information must be specified from the travel agency or travel service provider as well as from the embassy immediately before making the decision. Information on travel documents, visas, vaccinations, currency rates, etc. provided on the website may not always be in line with the latest changes. The customer/passenger has a duty to familiarize himself/herself with relevant information and the requirements set for travel documents and visas as well as with health requirements. Please specify the currency rate as of the day of booking.

Baltic Tours shall not be liable for any damage that may result from the use of this site or related applications, including access to the site or interruption of connections. Baltic Tours does its best to prevent computer viruses from appearing on the portal; however, viruses cannot be completely excluded. Viruses can cause problems when using a webpage.

The information published on the website is copyrighted by AS Baltic Tours. Unless otherwise provided, the information provided on this website is for personal use; its modification, copying, mediation, transfer, display, reproduction, dispensing, transfer, sale, representation is prohibited without the author's permission.

Responsibilities of the user of the website www.baltictours.ee 
A person with an active legal capacity of at least 18 years of age may enter into transactions on this website. All data entered on the website must be correct and in accordance with the valid documents. The use of the website for criminal purposes or contrary to the principles of good faith is prohibited. It is also forbidden to enter information that is illegal and in violation of the terms of use, including, for example, libelous, threatening, pornographic, racial information on the web page.

Restrictions on use and changes in conditions of use
Baltic Tours has the right to limit the use of the website, in whole or in part, without notice.
Baltic Tours has the right to make changes to the terms of use of the website without prior notice to the users of the website.

Links to other web pages
The website contains links or references to other web pages outside the domain of Baltic Tours. Baltic Tours does not control the information contained on other websites and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on other websites. Therefore, Baltic Tours does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the information published on the other pages referred to. All questions and complaints related to the use of other web pages should be submitted directly to the administrator of other websites. 

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